Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Social Change

Social Enterprise Academy

LSV since its inception 03 years ago has been contributing to develop the capacity of entrepreneurs, SMEs, enterprise development officers, university students on developing skills on entrepreneurship.

The Social Enterprise Academy is the training arm of LSV mandated carry out training and capacity building programmes to strengthen SMEs, social enterprises, business support service providing organisations and consumers. This academy has partnered with a UK based institution to provide internationally accredited training for entrepreneurs, students and business support proving institutions. Social Enterprise Academy provides formal training and skills development of entrepreneurs / SME owner managers and business coaches and advisors. The Academy has entered into a partnership with a UK-based professional institution and to be appointed as it Sri Lanka academic centre from October 2017.

The Social Enterprise Arm of LSV has conducted training on diverse themes related to entrepreneurship such as management, financial literacy, standards and regulations pertaining to various industries- businesses addressing environmental concerns, food and handloom industries etc.

The organisation is well equipped with internal physical and human resources and have an external pool of expert coaches and mentors to conduct capacity building and training needs. In addition the organisation has support and blessings of the leading key government, private sector and international development organisations.

The organisation has an external resource pool of coaches and mentors drawn from diverse disciplines such as business strategy, engineering, marketing, finance, banking, packaging, food technology, agri business etc., to meet the emerging need for support services among social enterprises and SMEs. At present the organization has 61 coaches and advisors from all 09 provinces within the island.

Awareness and training programmes conducted by the Social Enterprise Academy

SEA Courses & Training Programmes Accelerated By

Accredited by Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurship UK

  • Diploma in the Delivery of Business Support Services
  • Certificate in Business Coaching
  • Award in Preparing and Delivering a Sustainable Social Enterprise Academy