Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Social Change

Social Enterprise Incubator & Accelerator Programme

The Social Enterprise Incubator & Accelerator run by LSV facilitated learning and organisation development by acting as a focal point to enable social enterprises (SEs) to meet and partner with other businesses, peers, investors, and support agencies.  Three programmes were implemented as part of the Social Enterprise Incubator and Accelerator Programme: agro based and environmental enterprises, women led social enterprises and high impact incubator and accelerator programme.

Selection criteria include:

  • Being in operations for less than three years,
  • Having well defined environmental and social benefits,
  • Extraordinary leadership, vision and entrepreneurial drive

Special consideration was given to businesses that engaged women and youth groups.

Key features of this programme:

  • Continuous business advice, mentoring and training provided on a one to one basis at on and off site over a period of ten to twelve months.
  • Structured comprehensive non-financial assistance as general and bespoke business support and other resources delivered by a group of professional business advisers and mentors.
  • A dedicated business advisor for each entrepreneur.
  • Access to services of mentors for different skill requirements (e.g. finance & accounting, marketing, technical, human resource, legal etc.).
  • The incubatees operate from their own locations, except during residential training sessions and exposure visits.